The Clean Up

Last week, Jim borrowed his girlfriend Lucy’s car. Jim is pretty fussy and Lucy’s not the tidiest of girls, so when he picked up the car Jim’s first stop was the carwash for a thorough detailing, inside and out.

When Lucy arrived back, she was amazed. She couldn’t stop raving about her car. She fell in love with it all over again - even though it was exactly the same car, just clean.

It’s remarkable how different the same thing can appear, just with a bit of care and attention. Much like real estate - after all, we all have the same “vehicle” to sell. But certain agents are constantly listing up a storm, have fantastic market presence and sell millions dollars worth of real estate each month. All while others are complaining about the market, how stock has tightened and that buyers are scarce.

The difference is in the attention to detail. The commitment to systems, structure and process. Driving traffic to open homes instead of waiting for the enquiry. Obtaining feedback from every person who inspects the property rather than just letting them walk in and out. Choosing a method of sale that not only gives every chance of obtaining premium price, but also demonstrates the agent’s level of skill. Concentrating on the connection, instead of only wanting to deal with people when they are selling or buying.

We all have the same vehicle. So if yours is not up to scratch, why not clean it up?

All the best,

The Auction Group