Easy as first, second, third

If you’ve ever driven through a new housing estate, you’ll see there’s a couple of different ways to approach the landscaping. You could go for organic growth, by planting young versions of the desired greenery and spreading lawn seeds, then carefully tending. Or you might bring in the big gun landscapers and use mature plants and full turf - Have the ready-made version.  

Each of course has its plusses and minuses and will suit different situations. It might be a budget based decision to start from scratch, or be just for the plain enjoyment of a DIY, despite the inevitable muddy side-effects. For most people, though, a fully landscaped garden would be the preferable option and is well worth the up-front cost. It’s easy and instantly productive.

When we launched the Auction Group just a few short months ago, it wasn’t really a start-up. Our solid client relationships came across with me, with Jason Andrew’s blessing (my former boss). But we weren’t done either. The longer term plan was also to grow the business, bringing on additional auctioneers over time.

Back then, we couldn’t have imagined the opportunity that was just around the corner. But today, I’m happy to share some exciting news with you. Many of you may already be aware that Jason Andrew is closing his business down, having accepted a corporate role in Sydney with a major real estate brand. And for us, that means we’ll be fulfilling the Jason Andrew Group’s key client bookings into 2017 and beyond. We’re also taking over the back end, phone numbers and support staff from Jason’s business, so the booking process you’re used to remains the same.

Of course, all of this extra business will require a larger team - and that’s the second piece of exciting news we have to share. We are thrilled to announce with much pleasure that Matthew Condon and Tony Illing will partner on this new venture with The Auction Group.

What does it all mean for you? Together we will be a force. The Auction Group’s focus is you and your auction business. We’ll not only represent your business on auction day, we’re going to be there, working with you to improve your team’s ability to list and sell property via the auction method.

We’re looking forward to seeing you have your best year yet in 2017. And for our part, our ready-made solution makes it easy.

All the best,
Gordon Macdonald