Energy and Experience

Do you remember your first ever listing presentation? Remember the nervousness that came with a lack of experience and the burning desire to just succeed?

If you’ve been around for a while, you probably don’t get nervous any more. With experience comes a certain confidence, or at least a lack of fear of the unknown. But sometimes, experience also leads us to make assumptions that may not be true. It’s like the lab rat that gets an electric shock from travelling a certain route in the maze. After a few goes, they’ll never try that way again, no matter what.

Approaching any new experience without the weight of experience equates to being a clean slate. And there’s value in that. The new agent is told to go and prospect and somehow gets a listing straightaway. The new agent meets the vendor with unrealistic price expectations who’s had their property on the market for ages and somehow manages to sell it. Their desire for success gives them extra energy to achieve it, sometimes against the odds.

We can’t un-know the things we know. And experience is often the difference between good agents and great. But try to see every situation with new eyes, without anticipating the worst. Be aware that seeing events through a filter of negative experiences can drag you down, making it harder to achieve the outcomes you want.

Every day you gain more experience. Keep up the energy and you’ll be unbeatable.

All the best,

The Auction Group