Finding the Best Way

In the age of technology, it would be a rare person who has not been led astray by their car’s GPS. Accompanied by that sinking feeling, the driver steers the car in what he or she intuitively knows is the wrong direction or the slowest route. But despite their discomfort, they continue following the instructions anyway.

The result for the hapless driver is at best time and petrol wasted, at worst ending up completely lost.

It’s not to say instructions don’t have their place. But blindly following any order, no matter how “expert” the opinion, carries inherent risk.

It’s in any blanket statement;

“Auctions don’t work in this area.”

“Don’t even bother with that vendor, he just wants way too much.”

“Print advertising is just over.”

For the very best agents, there are no generalisations. Each and every situation is approached as new, with no preconceptions or rules. They listen to their instincts first, checking any advice they might be given against the barometer of their own feelings.

That’s how they find the best way.

All the best,

The Auction Group