Get It While It's Hot

"Its ok were not in a rush" - sound familiar?

Sellers need to understand that interest levels peak somewhere between day three and day ten of hitting the market.

Active buyers keep abreast of the market using technology, scrolling for 'new listings', scouring the property portals and being informed by property alerts. Buyers are educated, objective and most importantly poised.

For success when selling you need to match the buyer's ability, knowledge and preparedness to act. We understand this can be a challenge due to the emotion of selling one’s castle, but you have a method of sale that gives you an unfair advantage.

This method has a built-in mechanism that buys you time, allowing you to fully understand the market. Giving you confidence that you have obtained its best.

The strategic nature puts you in control when offers arrive and the best part is that the terms of the offer need to be unconditional. Your price and your terms!

It allows you to market without a price, preventing a judgment in this price sensitive climate.

A leading buyers representative recently quoted 61% of auction attendees are afraid of paying too much.

Well if that's not the biggest advertisement for auctions I don't know what is.

All the best,
Gordon Macdonald