It's Against the Rules

While waiting patiently for a break in traffic before crossing the road, an oncoming car stops and the smiling driver indicates to cross. With some trepidation I step out into the traffic, only to be met with the sound of tyres screeching and horns blowing from the cars in succession of the stationary vehicle.

In this driver's attempt to be nice they are in-fact breaking the road rules and almost cause an accident.

During auction campaigns and on auction day we see variations of this - agents attempting to be ‘nice’ only to cause derailment.

  • The very best communicate with only the facts:
  • Not what someone thought is was worth but what they are prepared to pay.
  • Not coming to the ‘rescue’ of the seller when the feedback is coming in less than expected.
  • Not being dictated to by the buyer as to why they are offering what they are offering.
  • During the campaign and on auction day anything other than firm and succinct language is against the rules.

All the best,
The Auction Group