Out of the Gates

Our first ‘Auction Weekend’ for 2018 proved the market has not skipped a beat over the break.

With auctions ranging from sub $200k to $5 million plus we witnessed urgency from the market right across the board. The indication of this demand was created by the average 3.8 registered bidders per auction up from the 2017 average of 2.1.

It’s not all that easy though! Up until auction day, we cleared at 46% and we found ourselves in lengthy negotiations with the highest bidder, often for in excess of thirty minutes. With negotiations continuing unconditionally to Tuesday 5pm we are pleased to report our clearance bounced to 75%.

And just like that, we’ve tucked almost one-twelfth of the year under our belts.

If you would like to have a conversation about training, auctions or attending sales meetings please don’t hesitate to make contact.

Working with you, we are looking forward to a wildly successful 2018!

All the best,
The Auction Group