Staying Ahead of the Game - Auction Wrap Up Dec 10, 2016

There are a few trends starting to appear lately that require some awareness...

Firstly, our 'Sold Prior' rate jumped last week to 20% - The majority of these properties that sold prior, sold within the first week of marketing.

Another indication of interest peaking early was an auction sold on Saturday that received 15 inspections at the first open home, then no groups recorded for the remainder of the campaign then peaking again on Auction Day with a crowd size of 45 people.

We have long been aware that the world is moving at an increasingly rapid rate and this is reflected in the local Real Estate Market. Within 48 - 72 hours the market is aware of your new listing. With your auctions, consider creating an assertive campaign over a shortened period of time to satisfy the market that is ready to act! Finding the emotional purchaser is one thing - Keeping them interested over a lengthy marketing campaign is another.

Weekend Auction Results

Sunshine Coast (The Auction Group) 56%
Brisbane (APM): 56%
Sydney (APM): 79%
Melbourne (APM): 78%

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