The Ambassador

Janie has achieved a 32% share in just five short years in what was previously a tightly held market. Over that time, she’s been up against much more established agents, but she has something they don’t.

She treats every buyer like gold. It’s not been hard. Actually, it comes naturally to her. She genuinely likes helping people.

Janie doesn’t come from around here. When she was moving, she was shocked at the service she was getting from agents and it got her thinking.

“I’d nail that job,” she thought.

So she did.

Last weekend, two auctions stood out from the rest. Both saw spirited bidding. Both sold well over reserve. And both were purchased by buyers from southern capitals. In fact, on one of the properties, five out seven registered bidders were from either Perth, Melbourne or Sydney.

Interesting, to say the least.

Firstly, because all of these interstate buyers had no hesitation in making the first bid and continuing to bid up the price strongly. They were obviously very comfortable, both with the auction process and the value of the properties they were bidding on.

Secondly, because these two agents had gathered these specific buyers together so effectively. And in doing so, generated an excellent sales outcome for their sellers.

What’s the secret? It’s no secret at all. Just like Janie, these agents look after buyers. And it’s not hard. With so many out-of-town buyers hitting south-east Queensland right now, every agent has the perfect opportunity to connect with these customers. After all, agents are the people who know everyone and everything about their local market – where to shop, where to eat, the good places to go and the best places to live. Helping is easy.

Sellers are important, yes. But to buyers, you’re an ambassador.

All the best,
The Auction Group