The First Time

Do you remember the first time you knocked on a door, or made a cold call? Listed a home? Sold it? The nervous energy, the sense of the knife’s edge that sits between success and failure?

These moments are turning points, forks in the road that remain crystal clear in our memories.
For me, the day I called my first auction feels like it was yesterday - even though it was 15 years ago and between then and now I must have called 10,000 others. It was terrifying! I was a sales agent at the time, but already intrigued by the exciting blend of tactics and showmanship necessary for the perfect auction call. Even though my first performance was less than stellar, I was instantly hooked. Transitioning into a full-time auctioneer after almost a decade of hands-on selling was only natural.

This month, I did something else for the first time – I launched my own business, The Auction Group. Why? Because after six years with the Jason Andrew Group, it was the natural next step, both for me and for my clients - you.

So, what does it mean for you? It means you’ll continue to get what you always got from me, plus more. I’m looking forward to crafting a series of educational but interesting videos, both for your team’s use and their customers too. I’m exploring other avenues for raising the profile of auctions in our local area and will be even more focused than ever on helping agents hone their skills in running a successful auction campaign.

More than ever, I’m your auction partner. If you’ve got any ideas on how I could help you, I’m all ears. This first time is already set to be another iconic moment for us both.

All the best
Gordon Macdonald