The KPI of Wastage

It's remarkable how many times during an on-site auction we see a magnet on the fridge that belongs to an opposition agent. We suspect the agents who enthusiastically ordered them never dreamed they'd only be used for holding up pizza menus.

The same applies to bus shelter signage and the like. Although amusing, the agents who use this medium would have to be less than thrilled with the moustaches, rotten teeth and other less flattering features regularly added by delinquent members of the public.

Paradoxically, we hear the same agents say, "I can't afford that" when the discussion turns to the meaningful topics of PAs and database marketing.

It makes us wonder if as an industry we should pay closer attention to the KPI of wastage, and if some of the expenses we're incurring could ultimately amount to money better spent.

All the best,
The Auction Group