The New Textbook

Human beings just love the textbook case. It’s all about knowing there’s a plan and knowing it works.

In property, the textbook case has always been based on the agent’s process. With the ideal marketing commitment, they can generate healthy buyer activity. Using the right dialogue, they extract the right kind of buyer feedback. With that information and a few well-rehearsed lines, they help their vendors form realistic price expectations. The last step is to match buyer with vendor and voila – a sale is made.

But more and more often, agents complain that despite a campaign being “textbook”, they’ve been unable to achieve a sale.

And here’s why. The textbook has changed.

The textbook is no longer based in process, it’s about building real connections and relationships. It’s no longer about clever dialogue, it’s about tailoring clear transparent information and delivering it effectively to all parties.

It’s a conversation, not a broadcast.

Those who still think that rigid rule enforcement and canned lines are the way to sell are doomed to failure. While structure still has its place, we must remain willing to adapt, while being flexible enough to react to whatever happens.

That’s the new textbook.

All the best,

The Auction Group