The Work Begins Once it's Finished

There’s nothing better than sitting back and taking a break after finishing a tough job. But sometimes, people break too early.

Take would-be athlete A. He gets up early on Sunday morning to train hard. When he gets to the end of his run, he collapses in a heap, exhausted but very happy. Next, he’s off to treat himself to a nice breakfast and a cup of coffee. Then there’s his friend, would-be athlete B. He also gets up early and trains hard. But when he gets to the end of his run, he resists the temptation to collapse and instead, carefully stretches. He drinks loads of water and eats lightly.

The next day, they both head out to train again. But athlete A is already behind the eight ball, tired and sore. Within minutes, he’s pulled a hamstring and he’s out.

There’s a similar problem with some agents. They crawl over broken glass to get the listing then stop trying the minute the agency is signed. They do everything possible to get good inspection numbers but fail to do any call-backs. They email out detailed feedback reports but never meet face-to-face with their vendors.

Here’s the scary part – in our industry, there is never an ending. Even once a transaction is “completed”, a new communication trail should immediately start. Ultimately, connection by its very nature can never be transaction focussed.

If you think it’s any different, you’re already finished before you even start.

All the best,

The Auction Group