We Sell Change

Home buying is not all glamour and excitement. Long after the gavel falls and the adrenaline fades, there's the moving. Packing, cleaning - not to mention the numerous phone calls to multiple providers to disconnect and connect services, or change the registered address.
The unpacking phase is even worse. Amongst the chaos, unsettled pets and kids need to be acclimatised, piled up boxes need to be emptied, odd-jobs need to be allocated. And then there are the inevitable teething issues; internet connection dramas, water or gas leaks, or heaven forbid, no Foxtel.
Meanwhile, the sold sign has been pulled down and the commission is in the bank. The vast majority of agents are already on to the next one. Truly understanding what it is we sell and sell people into will shift the way real estate businesses spend their time and energy.
Tomorrow's market leaders know that the real work that needs to be done, doesn't even begin until after the sale is finished. And that's what really develops client relationships that will withstand anything,
All the best,
The Auction Group