Behind the Success

Our first major auction weekend for the new year yielded one of the most successful in my 12-year auctioneering career. Selling under the hammer in excess of 20 million worth of Sunshine Coast Property, plus another 5 million prior and post auction.

From a market observers point of view you would say the market is running hot, and you’d be right. Fuelled by a low interest rate environment, a clear long-term strategy to accommodate migration and general national confidence, the strength of the market was tangible in our latest weekend snapshot.

Now, for the curious, who are willing to dig deeper, this is what you might see.


  • communicating with potential sellers for years prior
  • earning the right to be at the listing table by doing first class work, day in day out
  • sacrifices over the holiday period
  • an unwavering belief around auction process
  • countless phone calls, open and private inspections
  • handling the ‘how much?’ conversation like a ninja
  • managing offers prior like a pro
  • timing the negotiation with precision on auction day all with the obsession of a salmon swimming upstream

Success at auction isn't due to the market, it's due to the agents that choose to do business this way. To learn more about what it takes, book your next auction and we will personally walk you through the entire process.

All the best

The Auction Group