Call Me Maybe?

We were trying to book a venue for a function last week. We called one place after another, to be told each time the date was not available. Surprisingly, not one of the people we spoke to said anything other than a flat “no, sorry”.

These venues were all transaction focused, only interested in the immediate sale. Once they knew that was impossible, they couldn’t care less about us.

This is a trap many agents fall into as well. They focus on finding a seller, then the buyer to complete the sale. But with this approach, how many opportunities to build relationships with tomorrow’s buyers and sellers do they miss?

Someone phones to ask about a property only to be told “oh sorry, an offer on that property has already been accepted”. End of conversation. Or the visitor to an open home confesses they’re really a neighbour. Instead of being asked for his name and number, he walks in and then out.

Potential openings are closed.

All of these missed opportunities represent leakage from the sales funnel. Sustainable businesses are built on relationships. And in building good relationships, the call that’s made to say there’s nothing to report is just as important as the call with the news they’ve been waiting to hear.

Bottom line is; I might not be buying today. But if you want me to be your customer one day, ask me for my number. And then call me, maybe.

All the best
The Auction Group