Are You Qualified?

Qualification of the buyer is a fine line to tread. Qualify too much and you’ll have no one left, under qualify and the buyer could sabotage your day.

We see it regularly, a family with intentions to purchase beachside end up purchasing acreage. It's not the cringe-worthy saying ‘buyers are liars,’ they are simply people on the normal emotional journey of finding home.

So far this year we have tracked 2.27 registered bidders per auction, on auction day there is no room for under qualification.

With a series of questions comes crucial information that allows the agent and auctioneer to empower the bidder with a strategy that keeps them accountable to act. It’s this critical conversation that will take your auction clearance from 20% to 60+%. To workshop and role play this conversation register here.

Have the conversation, provide clear direction, and watch your action clearance soar.

All the best,

The Auction Group