Get On Board?

Inside the dynamic of any typical day in real estate there are many forces at play. From the broad sweeping economic factors to agent quips suggesting unachievable returns.

As the days of the campaign roll by it is inevitable we jump on board the emotional rollercoaster with both buyer and seller.

As auctioneers, and in essence third-party negotiators, we're not privy to the promises, the conversations, and the micro negotiations the agent has had with all parties that make up the pending transaction.

In essence, we stand in observation and watch the rollercoaster go around. One of the scariest parts of the ride is observing the original appraisal followed by an offer being presented, a good one, that is way less than the original suggestion around value.

One of the great sayings in real estate is ‘act as if' and in this case we’d like to suggest ‘acting as if’ you are the auctioneer. The auctioneer comes from a place of neutrality, isn’t financially remunerated if the deal comes together or not, has mastered the ability of generating offers, and has an unbiased approach when delivering information to sellers.

We're all for theme parks, but some rides you're better off not taking.

All the best

The Auction Group