We're not Bidding Against Ourselves

Hi The Auction Group

As agents, it’s fair to say we are paid, conversationalists. That being the case the best agents instigate a discussion that empowers their customers to act.

One of the many conversations is preparing bidders for auction day and the right series of questions can lift auction clearance from 30% to 70%.

What if you knew what the opening bid was going to be before the auctioneer calls for it?
What if you knew that if the auctioneer places a vendor bid the bidder would confidently bid again?
What if we knew what was going to happen before it happened?

The agents that have in-depth strategy conversations orchestrate the negotiations to the point of the deal being pretty much done before the auctioneer takes the lectern.

Clear questions, yield clear answers, making it easy to deliver exactly what the customer is expecting.

The Auction Group