We're not Bidding Against Ourselves

There are two markets out there. The market place as we recognise it, buyers buying, sellers selling, agents facilitating the transaction. The other market is the market you ‘imagine’ it to be.

There have been many works on the subject of ‘we are what we think’ and we believe it’s imperative to monitor our thinking.

“Listings are tight"
“Can’t get an offer”
“Buyers have disappeared”

The outcome of this thinking is self fulfilling, we are what we think and talk about.

Rewiring this thinking takes discipline, understanding and belief. The next time the old thinking enters thought or conversation, simply replace it.

“Listings come effortlessly and easily”
“I am a magnet for quality sellers”
“Buyers are everywhere”

Some agents are having record months, while others are having their worst and one thing is certain, it's not a reflection on the market.

All the best

The Auction Group