Your Guide To Auctions And COVID-19

Your Guide To Auctions And COVID-19 The Auction Group takes auctioneering back to where it began – an honest, transparent method of sale, a relaxed but professional environment for buyers and sellers to come together to transact in the fairest way possible, for mutual gain. In this e-Book we cover: Interventions and social distancing, Lock … Read More

Playing For Keeps

Playing For Keeps. Recently appointed to conduct an auction for the second time, I was eager to see the result and compare the two. From the outside looking in nothing noteworthy had changed; agent, market and marketing budget remained largely the same. First time around with four registered bidders, the property was passed in. Second … Read More

Why Auction?

Why Auction? Over recent times we have noticed that with strong market conditions comes downward pressure on auction volume. Why? One theory is, while stock is tighter, more agents compete at the point of listing and all agents know, the more competition, the less likely they’re getting the listing the way they want it – … Read More

State of the Market

State of the Market Complete this sentence, how’s the… ? We believe there is a better question – how’s your state? Agents in ‘peak state’ don’t question the state of the market, they understand the market just is. These agents recognise that our game is a game of energy and know the agent with the … Read More

Summer Bodies

Summer Bodies A flurry of auction bookings for the early weeks of spring have revealed some agents are busy preparing for the traditional spring selling season. These agents are doubling down on past clients, database management, and capitalising on the increased attendance at open homes to engage with future sellers. It’s clear that the properties … Read More

Get On Board?

Get On Board? Inside the dynamic of any typical day in real estate there are many forces at play. From the broad sweeping economic factors to agent quips suggesting unachievable returns. As the days of the campaign roll by it is inevitable we jump on board the emotional rollercoaster with both buyer and seller. As … Read More

Feb on Feb

Feb on Feb In typical real estate industry form, a barrage of mixed messages is leaving consumers in a state of uncertainty; and generally, uncertainty brings lack of action. February 2018 produced 2.27 registered bidders per auction and has been in a slow decline ever since February 2019 yielding an average of 1.68. There are … Read More

Excited or Concerned

Excited or Concerned Undoubtedly there is a prevailing wind of uncertainty around the Australian property market. For some agents, the next phase of the cycle is an exciting time. These agents are looking forward to their skills, service orientation and front foot conversations being at the forefront of their business. For others there is no … Read More

Why Compete?

Why Compete? We’re all for competition, in fact it’s one of the key components of any successful auction. We preach that the fear of loss factor created by competition is essential to achieve the markets best. Unbeknown to us, we face this same environment in reverse every time we ‘compete’ for the listing. When you … Read More

What’s Your Story?

We’re not Bidding Against Ourselves There are two markets out there. The market place as we recognise it, buyers buying, sellers selling, agents facilitating the transaction. The other market is the market you ‘imagine’ it to be. There have been many works on the subject of ‘we are what we think’ and we believe it’s … Read More